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Web Site Updates by Anderson Internet Development

Keeping your website up-to-date is one of the most important tasks there is!
Fresh content ensures that your prospects stay engaged and that’s what brings them back.
All the major search engines keep track of the refresh rate of sites and they use this data to determine how close to the top a website scores for particular searchs.

Does your site remind visitors of the waiting room magazine stack?

Stacks of old content, just piled together; old, irrelevant information that interests next to no one these days?
That “Retro” look might work in certain cafes or restaurants but yesterday’s look and yesterday’s news turns off your visitors.
An out-dated appearance and out-of-date information will quickly turn your website into a ghost town.

Effective Ad Copy, Engaging Graphics & Motivating Media!

Don’t have the resources to create new & exciting content for your site?
You’re busy running your business or organization and you may not have effective ad copy writers on staff. Maybe your web person decided to become a chef, or follow some OTHER dream, leaving you without a way to update your website.

We’re Here To Help You Update!

Effective ad copy, graphics, media & MORE! It’s what we do; it’s what we’ve BEEN doing for years!
Contact Us if your site is gathering dust and losing potential customers!