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Hosting through Anderson Internet Development

What is “Hosting”?
Hosting is the process of storing, and serving, of the files necessary to make a web site appear on a visitors computer.
When someone types in your domain name (your “www.”), a request goes from their computer across the internet and accesses the appropriate hosting server. This hosting server then delivers the files that comprise your website to the requesting computer which converts them into the sights (and sounds, if any) that is your website.
Ideally, this happens in less than the blink of an eye.
Typically, when you arrange for hosting of your web site through one of the many providers, you must set up then maintain the server yourself.
If you don’t have the experience and knowledge of server administration practices, this can be a nightmare.
Hosting servers run their own unique type of software and offer a unique set of challenges from maintenance to security.

What is “Managed” Hosting?
With our Managed Hosting services, we set up your site on choice servers then provide maintenance to your server; security, site back ups, software updates, everything you’ll need to guarantee your site performs well!
Our managed hosting services provide you with round-the-clock management of your server & site so you can take care of the day to day requirements of your business.

Yes, we can work with your hosting provider…
Locked into a contract with a hosting provider? We can work with almost any host and server. Contact us for a free analysis & consultation. Take the 1st step towards having a website that makes you money!